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    Who are we?

    If you’re just thinking about the choice of a cleaning company, you’ve probably noticed that most of the descriptions mention a lot of experience, quality service or commitment to customer satisfaction. Now, how should you choose the one that truly meets your needs? Let us tell you a short story about why we ended up in this industry ourselves.

    When Leszek bought his own apartment in Warsaw, he got actively involved in the life of the residential community. Despite many talks on the poor quality of housekeeping services on the estate, no changes were forthcoming. At another of the council of residents’ meetings, it was said to him, “Then start your own business”. Leszek not only did not ignore the impromptu message, but followed it and thus sfb was born – a cleaning company that provides cleaning services for housing estates, communities and companies.

    The deal Leszek put forward paid off with the first contract with a residential community, and then further inquiries from local residents who saw a remarkable difference in the quality of the services delivered. As the demand grew, so did the company – Łukasz joined Leszek. And as they say, Leszek’s technical skills perfectly complemented Łukasz’s business and marketing skills.

    Since then, sfb’s portfolio has expanded a lot. Today, we deal with complex space cleanliness: not only do we clean the rooms, but also look after the surrounding green areas and provide machine cleaning for elements, such as elevations, fences, sidewalks or driveways. In addition to residential communities, we are also open to businesses and individual customers. Moreover, we offer support in terms of general construction maintenance – we can become a company’s or housing estate’s handyman.

    breadth of services
    we offer

    flows directly from the needs we recognized first in our own, and then in surrounding communities. During each collaboration, it is vital for us to take care of cleanliness thoroughly, so that our customers get a tidy space in one go – without the need to hire different types of professionals. We value trust, that is why at sfb we employ a regular team of reliable employees who will take care not only of the cleanliness but also of the safety of your data (documents, security codes, etc.).

    Our values

    Why you should choose us

    At sfb we focus on:

    • high quality
      the kind we wished for ourselves;
    • ecology
      we know how to put together effective cleaning and care for the environment;
    • punctuality
      because time is the asset we all value the most;
    • individual approach
      to meet the expectations of our customers, to recommend an appropriate range of services and to accurately estimate each job.

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    premises clean

    Czyszczenie maszynowe


    Konserwacja ogólnobudowlana

    General building maintenance

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