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    How to take care of office carpets?


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    Are you in search of a way to make your office carpets look best? Find out the aspects to consider before choosing the most effective cleaning method and to keep your office carpets presentable for a long time!


    What does carpet cleaning method depend on?

    There are a few ways to clean office carpets, but you should be aware early on that the choice should be based on the types of dirt and the surface material.

    Before we proceed to the specific professional ways, however, we would like to point out that, to keep your office carpet looking good, you need to react fast! It is of utmost importance to get rid of fresh stains ASAP. Mud or coffee stains will not dry or rub into the carpet structure if you use cleaners at hand – so there is a better chance to clean the surface completely when you wash it with professional detergents. Make sure your office workers are made aware of this.


    Which carpet cleaning methods to choose

    For maintenance cleaning – regularly used to refresh carpets – methods that only moisten the top (usable) part of the pile are enough. These include:

    1. Dry chip cleaning – Dry chips are rubbed into the carpet in the right way by a machine, and due to their structure, they absorb dirt without any water needed. Remove them after approx. 45 min., e.g. with a vacuum cleaner;
    2. Capsule cleaning – After spraying a special activator agent, dirt in the carpet is trapped in crystallizing “capsules” that, once dry, can be easily removed by vacuuming; depending on the room humidity, drying takes from one to a few hours;
    3. Bonnet cleaning – Suitable for cleaning of low-pile carpets; the fast-drying detergent spread on the surface is removed with a single-disk scrubbing machine after approx. 5 minutes.

    In contrast, deep carpet cleaning allows for the maximum removal of all types of dirt, but it requires more soaking of the surface and thus longer drying time. There are two methods of deep cleaning:

    1. Shampooing – In the first stage of cleaning, a single-disk brush machine applies a foaming cleaning agent to dissolve dirt and then, with a wet vacuum cleaner, excess moisture is extracted; once the carpet is dry, crystallized residue is removed;
    2. Extraction – Also known as spray cleaning; consists of spreading a cleaning solution with a special nozzle and then collecting it with dirt from the carpet surface; these steps can be repeated until the desired effect is produced.

    For both deep cleaning methods, it is crucial to choose the right chemicals that will effectively remove the dirt without damaging the material.


    How often should I wash my office carpets?

    It’s been a year since your previous cleaning and your carpet looks clean. We get it. But don’t give in to the idea that its next wash can be postponed. Even without visible stains, there is a build-up of tiny dirt in the carpet fibers that is impossible to remove with a vacuum cleaner. Over time, these soils penetrate the fibers and the entire material begins to stratify and dull. Once the surface is visibly dirty after a long period of use without cleaning, it may be too late to restore it to its posh state. Sticking to regular cleaning is so not only an aesthetic gain, but it also helps make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible.

    How often your office carpets should be cleaned will depend primarily on the areas of use. Check our recommended cleaning time and set a schedule for your office to follow:

    • monthly: high-traffic areas: corridors, vestibules, around main doors;
    • once a quarter: medium-traffic areas: social rooms (kitchens, checkrooms), work rooms, conference rooms;
    • 1-2 times a year: low-traffic areas: lockers, offices for 1-3 users.

    We recommend that you pick an afternoon or even a weekend appointment for wet cleaning of office carpets, so that the washed surface can dry naturally.


    Cleaning office carpets – by yourself or with professional assistance?

    Wash it wrong and it won’t last long – the choice of the right methods and chemical agents is an incredibly important aspect of cleaning office carpets. Application of the wrong agents or even too many of them can ruin the carpet structure and, consequently, its appearance will not improve for a long time; for example, poorly rinsed detergents will accumulate new dirt faster. For this reason, we advise you not to try it on your own, but rather hire a professional carpet cleaner, who will choose the right cleaning method according to the size of the surface, its material and types of dirt.