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    Rate (net, per m2)

    atmospheric dirt
    6-8 zł
    atmospheric dirt and moss, lichen, fungi, etc.
    9-12 zł
    oil stains, construction dirt, etc.
    from 15 zł
    joint repointing
    2 zł
    15-20 zł
    5-15 zł
    up to 5 m in height
    7-20 zł
    above 5 m in height
    20-30 zł
    20-25 zł
    flooring up to 50 m2
    10 zł
    flooring up to 50-250 m2
    8 zł
    flooring up to 50-250 m2
    7 zł
    flooring above 500 m2
    6 zł

    Where do we get our prices from?

    We price our services individually each time, with attention to our customers’ needs and the scope of operations they are interested in. This is how we can customize and price our range of services in the most cost-effective way – by focusing on keeping the lowest possible rates for the highest quality of service.

    When pricing cleaning services, we first take into account the area to be cleaned (in m2), its type, and types of dirt to be removed – all of these factors affect how much and what cleaning agents and tools we should use. The price may also be adjusted in accordance with other features, such as difficult access to utility lines or to surfaces to be cleaned, as well as in accordance with the Customer’s special requests.

    Skąd się biorą nasze ceny?

    Have you found a similar solution at a lower price? Yes, it is possible! There are plenty of companies on the market that deal with “any and all” issues. However, we provide only those services we know best, thus securing their highest quality

    We offer great discounts for regular customers!

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    Approximate cost of the service:

    Approximate cost of the service:

    Carpet cleaning services are priced individually each time.

    Please ask our staff, who will come to clean your driveway or façade, about the availability and price of the on-site carpet cleaning service.

    Where do we provide our services? Warsaw and its neighbouring areas