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    Keeping the premises clean

    Keeping places we live in clean and tidy isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, but also a matter of pragmatics and your own health!

    utrzymanie czystosci

    Why is regular cleaning a good idea?


    • keeping the place clean kills germs and thus removes many causes of infections;
    • cleaned rooms are spaces without dust – they become allergy-friendly (and, according to the Polish Society of Allergology, this type of allergy is the most frequent in Poles!),
    • regularly cleaned areas are safe for their users – they reduce the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces or trash left behind;
    • a well-kept space makes a good impression on your customers – and the right attitude lies at the heart of effective cooperation;
    • orderly spaces are good for focusing and therefore for the productivity of your employees.

    As you can see, regular cleaning is in the best interest of everyone who manages any space – it doesn’t matter whether your key driver for cleaning is to provide comfortable and safe working conditions, enjoyable communal areas or a good corporate image.


    Don’t have the time or the desire to take care of it on your own? Contact us and see the back of it!


    For your convenience and time saving, we can also bring the cleaning supplies according to a personalized quote.


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    Check which places we keep clean

    Housing estates and communities

    Our experience shows that the level of cleanliness on housing estates directly affects the satisfaction of their residents and their good reputation.

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    Office spaces are, on the one hand, the business showcases of companies, where they meet with their business partners; on the other hand, they are spaces where staff spend long hours each day.

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    Halls and warehouses

    Large spaces, such as halls and warehouses, are premises that require suitable agents and specialist cleaning equipment.

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    Outdoor areas

    Managers of housing estates, apartment blocks or urban areas know that the basic aspect of taking care of subordinate spaces is to keep them in order.

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    There is no space that we cannot deal with!

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    Other services for business

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    Konserwacja ogólnobudowlana

    General building maintenance

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    Services for individual customers

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    Going. Sp. z o.o., grupa Empik

    Sfb provides regular interior and exterior industrial cleaning for a few of the housing estates we manage. Moreover, sfb is in charge of technical estate service.


    So far, sfb staff always completed all the outsourced tasks on time and with good care for detail. We are happy with the quality of service and recommend sfb as a professional partner.

    Optima Zarządzanie Nieruchomościami Sp. z o.o.
    serpico nieruchomosci

    We wish to express our satisfaction with the cooperation with sfb, a company providing general cleaning and maintenance services for contracted properties in Warsaw. Our collaboration with sfb has been trouble-free; it is easy to contact the company so we can quickly agree on the date, scope and price of service. Moreover, we note the high quality of the services provided, corresponding to the offered rates.


    Sfb has a personalized approach to its customers and is ready to handle non-standard projects involving diverse building, finishing and electrical work. We wish you success and hope for further good cooperation.

    Serpico Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.
    Lach Biernat

    We are pleased to inform you that we regularly contract sfb to provide us with cleaning services in our law firm office in Warecka Street, Warsaw. Sfb completes its tasks in an excellent manner by providing timely and high-quality services.


    With sfb’s vast experience and individual approach to our needs, our collaboration has fully met our expectations. We recommend sfb to everyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to keep their workplace tidy.

    Lach Janas Biernat Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni

    We are satisfied with the collaboration with sfb in terms of outsourced maintenance work in our office and machine flooring cleaning. With sfb’s wide range of services, we could outsource care for the ongoing operation of our office to one contractor; this has had a positive impact on the price and reduced the time for contact with contractors to a minimum.


    I find the collaboration with sfb successful because all the commissioned services are delivered in a timely and precise manner. Sfb’s individual approach to its clients, resulting in mutually satisfactory rates and scope of work, is an asset in contracting work to sfb. Our collaboration has been running smoothly and efficiently, and we can confidently recommend sfb as a reliable and trustworthy specialist in its field

    Going. Sp. z o.o., Empik Group