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    How to look after the green space around your house or estate?



    Greenery is by far one of those aspects of our surroundings to take special care of. Well-kept nature provides a space for us to relax better and with more joy. For this reason, it is essential not only to clean, but also take care of the aesthetics of the green areas of home or housing estate. How to tackle it? Discover the most important aspects that will help you look after your green space the best you can!


    A neat lawn is your showcase

    An impressive lawn makes any green space look good. Even if you don’t have any major planting ideas for your estate, an evenly cut and well-tended lawn is a must! Not only does it show off your property, but it also brings lots of practical effects: It supports the natural production of oxygen, promotes air quality purification, and controls air humidity.

    For this reason, good grass care requires adequate watering. To enjoy evergreen grass, you can water it frequently or just go for automated solutions – ideal for large areas – and set up a dedicated irrigation system.

    A well-watered lawn will certainly return the favour with a beautiful, lush appearance, but it will also need frequent mowing – so that it stays smart and representative. You will also need to make an effort to prevent the growth of invasive plant species. To this end, you can spray and weed the grass frequently. Make sure you only use selective weed killers on growing lawns so that you can remove invasive plants without damaging the lawn.


    Keep trees, shrubs and flowerbeds in check

    When tidying up green spaces, pay attention to larger plant formations, such as trees, shrubs or flowerbeds, too. Regular pruning of tree and shrub branches should not only be a matter of taste, but also a matter of safety. When pruning, make sure they don’t overgrow and overshadow the area or cross over into neighbouring plots or properties.

    On the other hand, flowerbeds are among the most attractive green features that a housing estate or home garden can have – but they do require ongoing care. Alongside sowing or post-winter preparation, your flowers need regular watering, weeding and fertilising. It’s important you choose the right care and nourishing products for your plants so that they have the best possible growth conditions to thrive in the often not-so-great and moderately sunny places.


    Aesthetic looks aren’t just for green spaces

    If you’re wondering how to look after the green areas around your house or estate, remember that there are more than just plant areas to consider. Even the finest-cut lawn and the most splendid flowerbed will make no good impression if surrounded by a shabby facade, fence or overgrown pavement.

    For this reason, we recommend you hire a professional to take care of your outdoor areas. This approach is ideal for large areas. By handing your outdoor area over to experts so that they may take care of it, you no longer need to worry about what outside jobs need to be done. Such all-inclusive services are not limited to plant care; they also include care for the cleanliness of walkways, leisure appliances and benches. All that remains is for you to enjoy your time in a natural, well-kept setting.